Meet the Fam

We are a family of gamers and art lovers: KingTiger, QueenCheetah, and RoyalLynx. Together, we are FelineRoyaltyFam! We welcome humans and critters of all varieties and create a safe, inclusive space on Twitch for folks to hang out and be themselves.

KingTiger has used the nickname "KingTiger" since childhood, so when choosing a name for our Twitch channel, it simply made sense to include the wife and kid with similar cat-themed, royal nicknames (with their consent, of course). This led to "FelineRoyalty," and "Fam" was then added because we like to do things as a family, and to offer inclusiveness for our followers.

In addition, after discovering the joys of rescuing and caring for feral cats during the global pandemic (and adopting one of the kittens we helped), we decided to put a special focus on it and start incorporating it into our Twitch streaming! You can visit our Cat Rescue page to learn more about our efforts to help our feline friends.

Wondering how to support us and what we do? Following us on Twitch, joining our Discord, and hanging out in our Twitch chat are great! If you're looking to support us financially, you can subscribe to us on Twitch - which also garners some additional perks - buy some of our merch, or make a donation on Ko-fi! As always, we appreciate any and all support, financial or not.


Musician, Father, Streamer, Artist, Mad Technician. The do-er of Things both Impossible and Technical. Weaver of Melody. Bass-lord and Master.

KingTiger is passionate about justice and kindness and fiercely protective of those he loves. He loves indie games, good storytelling, animation, art of all kinds, and voice acting - tormenting his family with all sorts of impressions.


KingTiger's Better, more sarcastic Half. Mother of Lynx, Wrangler of Kittens, the Powerful Woman behind the man.

QueenCheetah is a lover of life and a fighter who doesn't let Cushing's Disease stop her from finding joy and having fun. She quietly and humbly supports those around her in deceptively powerful ways, something KingTiger and RoyalLynx have learned to never take for granted.

Cushing's Disease is a rare health condition that severely limits physical and mental energy. Learn more here.


Lover of Family, Precocious Sasspot, Crazy about Animals (especially cats). Apprentice Gamer. Wants to try Everything Life has to offer.

There's a reason King & Queen tell people that the world better watch out when RoyalLynx grows up and is let loose - everyone who meets this kid quickly discovers that Lynx is a force a to be reckoned with. Very in tune to the world around them, they love learning, and they're not afraid to speak their mind.