Tools we use

As long as this list is, it's not comprehensive. We've probably left off a thing or two (or three or four). It'll get updated whenever KingTiger gets around to it.

- OBS Studio
- StreamElements
- Stream Avatars
- SteelSeries GG Sonar
- VoiceMeeter CABLE (we haven't found any other virtual audio cable that works as well as this, even though we don't use VoiceMeeter itself currently)
- foobar2000 (for now - King has been slowly fiddling with MusicBee as an alternative)
- NohBoard (displays keyboard & mouse inputs on screen)
- Gamepad Viewer (displays game controller inputs using a webpage)
- Mumble (we're trying this as a low-latency alternative to Discord)
- WinFSP (for mapping NFS & SFTP network drives on Windows)

OBS plugins:

- Tuna (displays the "now playing" song info at the top of our stream)
- Waveform (displays the audio visualizer at the bottom of our stream)
- Audio Monitor
- win-capture-audio
-Image React

- Dual Monitor Tools (DMT)
- EarTrumpet
- Logi G software

- Elgato HD60 X external capture card (to capture the Nintendo Switch)
- Mirabox 3112 External Capture Card (to capture Queen's laptop - this thing is crap though and doesn't like to work with many devices and rarely captures audio at all)
- UGREEN USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet adapater (to directly connect the Nintendo Switch to the network) (we tried 2 other adapter brands that didn't work w/ the Switch before getting this one)
- SABRENT USB External Stereo Sound Adapter (we use one of these on each of our computers to provide additional outputs to transmit our game audio or music to each other for stream purposes)
- BESIGN Ground Loop Noise Isolator (a must-have when connecting two PC's audio outputs/inputs to eliminate buzz/hum)
- Replace MIC Razer Nari Microphone Covers (these foam windscreens were made for Queen's old headset. They came in a set of 5 and we both use them for our current headsets)
- KELJUN Controller Stand 3 Tier (for holding our Nintendo Switch controllers)
- Official Nintendo Switch Charging Joy-con Grip
- BD&A Joy-con Charging Dock

Some other stuff that KingTiger feels the brand/manufacturer isn't that important:
- multiple USB hubs, both 2.0 & 3.0
- an HDMI splitter with 4 outputs
- a couple two-port HDMI switches
- a bunch of high-speed HDMI cables (they're the only damn kind that support the Nintendo Switch through HDMI switches and splitters)
- a monitor mount with a two-segment swivel arm (this holds the "preview" monitor that faces Queen)
- a couple standard clamp-mount, spring-loaded microphone arms for when we (rarely) use our USB condensor mics


~computer specs coming soon~
- Logitech G735 Wireless Gaming Headset
- Logitech G815 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
- Logitech G502 X Wired Gaming Mouse
- Elgato Stream Deck +
- TP-Link USB BLuetooth Adapter (King's PC doesn't have bluetooth built-in :( )
- Xbox Wireless Controller Lunar Shift Special Edition
- Nintendo Switch Pro Controller re-shelled w/ eXtremeRate Glacier Blue shell w/ octagonal stick gates
- Blue Yeti Classic USB Microphone w/ a VOCALBEAT Foam Windscreen and a 3D-printed mic mount from TortoiseResearchMFG on Etsy (King doesn't use this much now that he has the Logitech headset)
- Govee Smart RGBICWW LED Light Bars H6056 (for backlighting King's monitors w/out blinding everyone else in the room)
- WiZ Smart Light Bulb (don't have the model #, sorry. It's used in an behind King to provide tunable lighting)
- j5create USB-C to Dual HDMI Multi-Monitor Adapter (King uses this to connect two of his monitors - the less important ones - to his PC)
- UTEBIT C Clamp w/ 1/4" Screw Adjustable Camera Mount (for King's webcam)
- WOKA Under Desk Slide-Out Keyboard Tray
- KDD 3 in 1 Rotatable Headphone Hanger w/ Under Desk Clamp & swappable Controller Stand / Cup Holder
- BRAINWAVZ Game Controller Desktop Stand Holder (these hang on the shelves next to King)
- King's monitors aren't anything particularly special, they're either hand-me-downs from friends or thrift store finds
- VIVO Dual 13 to 27 inch LED LCD Monitor Free-Standing Desk Stand (King had to hunt to find a free-standing dual monitor VESA stand that was tall enough)
- IKEA KALLAX Shelving Unit + Desk


~computer specs coming soon~
- SteelSeires Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Headset
- SteelSeries Apex 5 Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard w/ Creation Core Retro Typewriter Style ABS Backlit Keycaps
- seenda Wireless Vertical Mouse
- DIGITNOW USB Audio Capture Card (Queen's laptop doesn't have a line-in jack)
- TurnUp Volume Mixer
- Elgato Stream Deck MK.2
- Xbox Wireless Controller Daystrike Camo Special Edition
- 8BitDo Pro 2 Bluetooth Controller (for use with the Nintendo Switch)
- Govee Smart RBGICWW LED Table Lamp H6052 (provides ambient lighting for Queen's desk, including some decent monitor backlighting)
- AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Series Premium Gaming Chair
- Cushion Lab Ergonomic Foot Cushion (we stuck a medium-ish shipping box under this to raise it up a bit)
- Seville Classicsair LIFT48 Tempered Glass Electric Sit Stand Desk
- 3D-printed Universal Desk Mount Controller and Headset Holder from PrimusPrintsCo on Etsy
- Acer 32" Curved 1080p 165hz 1ms Freesync HD LED Gaming Monitor